Bike 4 Kids

I've decided to temporarily switch from my unicycle to a two wheel Trek Madone bicycle and another great adventure! On June 16th I will join a group of men riding from the Oregon Pacific coast over three mountain ranges, through five states and 2400 miles to Minneapolis, MN.

Besides the pleasure of a challenge and the health benefits I have the added joy of serving the Lord by riding to benefit kids in our three orphanages in the Philippines.

I have enjoyed playing basketball and doing unicycle shows to express my love for Jesus. Its great fun to do the same riding a bike!

Not just any bike either! John Burke, president of Trek, has donated a new Trek Madone for me to train on and make the effort of nearly a hundred miles per day in 26 days.

Sponsors have pledged well over $110,000 to date if all miles are completed with more joining each week ranging from a nickel a mile to $5.00 a mile. My goal and motto is now RESM or Ride Every Single Mile!

Since Christmas I have ridden 80 hours and 1500 miles and lost 20 pounds preparing for this exciting adventure.


World Harvest Fundraiser

Information will be added soon of how to sponsor World Harvest through this event.

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